Board of Directors | Officers | Administrative Staff

Board of Directors

      • J. Rob Clark
      • Laurence R. David
      • James R. Dunaway
      • Al Granger
      • R. Frederick Gregory, M.D.
      • Deborah L. Hughes
      • Clyde V. McKee III
      • Walter G. Riedel III
      • Ruby J. Wimberley
      • Advisory Board Members

      • David A. Jones
      • Dr. Stephen Patterson


Chairman: Laurence R. David
Vice-Chairman: Frederick Gregory, M.D.
Secretary: Phyllis Woodford
President and CEO: Walter G. Riedel III
Executive Vice President-CFO; Treasurer: Clyde V. McKee III
Vice President-CCO; General Counsel: Elizabeth C. Turley

Administrative Staff

President and Chief Executive Officer: Walter G. Riedel III
Hospitality: Zenobia LeBlanc
Technology Manager: Mike Brister
Marketing Manager: Lynae Sanford
Marketing Associates: Amanda Adams Jenny Kaiser
Marketing Associate / Membership & Analytics: Brandon Aldrich
Inventory Coordinator/Lead Associate: Telly Taylor
Executive VP-Chief Financial Officer: Clyde V. McKee III
Controller: Jennifer Staton
Accounting Specialist-Accounts Payable: Barbara Roberson
Accounting Specialist–General and Analytics: Sherri Wedel
VP-Chief Compliance Officer; General Counsel: Elizabeth C. Turley
Grants and Contracts Administrator: Phyllis Woodford
Accounting Clerk: Lindsey Fontenot
Human Resources Manager: Jennifer Barroeta
Administrative Assistant: Sarah Wester
Security Manager: Jimmie Porterfield
Assistant Security Manager: Larry C. Holt
Chief Properties Officer: Gus Harris
Director, Stark Art and History Venues: Trina Nelson Thomas
Director, Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center: Rick J. Lewandowski
Director, Lutcher Theater: Jim Clark
Downtown Campus and Service Center Team: Gerardo Rico (Lead) Willie Goodwin Hilario Moreno Jackie Fruge
Building Services Supervisor: Preston Lange
Building Services Technicians: Ross Cappadona John Lyons Milton Manual Santos Valadez
Facilities Services Supervisor: Earnest Mickey
Facilities Services Technicians: James Brown Lisa LeBlanc Mona Manning Bertha Powdrill Lloyd Richard Cynthia Smith Coralene Peck Patrice Leonard-Beasley